Tea Chai Té rebrands as Portal Tea Company ahead of SCA Expo

For more than 20 years, Portland, Oregon-based Tea Chai Té, founded by Angela and Dominic Valdes, has created over 120 loose-leaf tea flavours, along with chai and bubble tea.

With the tea market going from strength to strength, Tea Chai Té wants to grow and widen its customer base with a refreshed brand, new tea products and a new name, Portal Tea Company. The rebrand will debut at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, Oregon, 21-23 April, 2023, at Booth #2386.

“After 20 years in business, it was time to evolve our brand with a new name that better reflects our commitment to providing an accessible and authentic tea experience for customers, both in person and virtually,” said Dominic Valdes. “The pandemic inspired us to take a leap with our business and expand beyond our four Oregon brick-and-mortar tea shops. We are excited to create a more extensive online platform that can educate our customers and showcase our wide selection of tea products, including our first line of quality tea sachets and nitro canned iced tea, which will be available by summer 2023.”

New name reflects global focus

Portal Tea Company partnered with Portland-based branding agency, Murmur Creative, for the rebrand and new name.

“Portal Tea’s new name came about during a collaborative process, where we identified a wide variety of potential names aimed at capturing the essence of their brand,” said Angela Espersen, senior brand strategist at Murmur Creative. “Ultimately, it was Portal Tea’s passion for helping people discover one-of-a-kind tea experiences that inspired the final name, which literally means ‘doorway’ or ‘entrance to another world.’ We felt it was a perfect embodiment of their mission to transport customers with every sip.”

The signature teapot logo design has been updated to illustrate the new name and will appear on all product packaging, as well as on signage at each of the four tea shop locations. The rebrand showcases the key values that co-owners Angela and Dominic have always believed, including a focus on sustainability, fostering a sense of community, and offering their customers a great-tasting tea experience.

Portal Tea Company launches new tea products

Starting this April, Portal Tea Company will roll out a host of new, sustainable product lines to complement its portfolio of loose-leaf tea blends, house-made chai and bubble tea. The new products include:

  • Portal Tea Company Tea Sachets with zero-waste packaging available in 11 flavours in 16-count and 50-count boxes;
  • Portal Tea Company Chai Concentrate in two flavours: Coconut Chai, a non-caffeinated, rooibos-based chai blend, and West Coast Chai, a traditional masala chai available in 32-ounce glass bottles and 64-ounce foodservice containers;
  • Portal Tea Company Ready-to-Drink Nitro Canned Iced Tea featuring teas in 16-ounce cans, created to have a refreshing taste and smooth finish.

“We’re excited to branch out into other tea-related beverages and offer customers a wider selection of Portal Tea products,” said Dominic. “We have long-standing relationships with our tea growers around the world and are passionate about creating products made with sustainable ingredients – from the tea to the packaging. We know where all our ingredients are sourced, and we believe in choosing the highest-quality ingredients for our customers and retailers.”

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