Lucky Jack Coffee adds to it RTD portfolio

Lucky Jack Coffee, a small batch, organic, sustainable coffee company, is expanding the company’s hand-crafted, functional beverages with two new ready-to-drink Oatmilk Cold Brew Nitro Latte flavours – Vanilla Collagen and Mocha Adaptogenic.

Made with superfood ingredients for a health-focused cold brew, the canned lattes pack 130mgs of caffeine and are just 70-80 calories with only 4-5 grams of sugar (depending on flavour), in addition to being gluten-free, nut-free, kosher and low in carbohydrates.

The certified organic, ready-to-drink canned beverages are a combination of Lucky Jack’s frothy nitro cold brew, made from small batch-roasted beans, and a blend of superfood ingredients and smooth Oatmilk, a dairy alternative that is naturally vegan, lactose-free, and cholesterol-free. According to the company, the Vanilla Collagen Latte is a creamy and delicious way to get a daily dose of collagen and protein, while the Mocha Adaptogenic Latte contains adaptogens such as maca and ashwagandha to help reduce stress, boost the immune system and improve mental clarity.

“Lucky Jack is committed to providing the highest quality coffee products. Other Oatmilk Vanilla Collagen products are on the market, but none with our low calories, small sugar content, and high caffeine. We wanted to launch a product that is unique and something customers can feel good about consuming,” said Lucky Jack Coffee CEO, Raymond Cole.

“Lucky Jack’s cold brew nitro latte line is popular thanks to the plant-based ingredients and the need for an on-the-go latte option. By offering great tasting, health-focused cold brew latte options, coffee drinkers can now get caffeinated while also improving their overall well-being with the variety of health benefits from the collagen and adaptogens.”

Already known for ready-to-drink cold brews and multi-serve cold brew concentrates, the Lucky Jack latte line launched in 2021 with four additional flavours – Caramel, Mocha, Golden Milk + Turmeric (a blend of cinnamon and turmeric), and Vanilla. With the promise to be “never burned, never bitter, always better,” Lucky Jack’s Cold Brew Nitro Lattes follow the same slow cold-steep brew process as all Lucky Jack products to remove acids and tannins while maximising taste.

Available on Amazon,, and select retailers, the suggested retail price is $34.99 for a 12-pack of 7.5oz cans.

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