John Wayne Gold Handle Coffee launches in 30 Chicago area Walmart stores

Windy City java lovers can start their mornings walking with a little swagger, thanks to the newly available Gold Handle Coffee being featured in 30 Chicago-area Walmart stores. Gold Handle Coffee, which offers carefully curated coffee blends, is named after a traditional gift presented by legendary film actor John Wayne.

One thing John Wayne never forgot in more than 50 years of making films was the gratitude he owed to all the folks involved in making each movie. He celebrated all individual contributions, no matter the role, by giving each of his cast and crew members a personalised Gold Handle mug as a token of appreciation. The Duke’s generous and unique tradition is celebrated through these collectible mugs and his love of sharing coffee with friends. Gold Handle Coffee was born of that tradition.

“My father rejoiced in sharing every minute of his life with friends and family,” Ethan Wayne said. “It was from that love of life that the tradition of creating custom Gold Handle mugs for each of his films evolved. These have become treasured memories for many of us who had the privilege of working alongside him. Gold Handle Coffee is helping us keep that tradition alive.”

Sales of Gold Handle Coffee benefit the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, which was founded by the actor’s family following his 1979 death from stomach cancer.

Gold Handle Coffee was created through a partnership with John Wayne Enterprises and is roasted by Tim Coonan and his team at Chicago’s Big Shoulders Coffee. Big Shoulders Coffee has been named one of the top coffee roasters in America, won a coveted Golden Bean Award and named by Food and Wine as the “best coffee in Illinois.” Big Shoulders brings this tradition of artisan roasting and attention to detail to the creation of Gold Handle Coffee.

The brand’s signature Dark Roast is for early risers. It celebrates a rich, smooth boldness that prepares fans for the big day ahead. This coffee is reminiscent of dark chocolate, caramel and toasted marshmallow.

The Medium Roast is a South American blend and often thought as the most traditional, has nuances of Baker’s chocolate, molasses, and dried red cherries. The Light Roast is a Colombian blend with notes of full-bodied semi-sweet chocolate, Brazil nut and a bright citrus finish.

“John Wayne lived life with an integrity and grit that we can all admire,” Coonan said. “It has been an honour to partner with his family and celebrate his legacy with the creation of these special blends.”

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