Partners Coffee introduces specialty instant coffee

Partners Coffee, the Brooklyn-based small batch coffee roaster, has launched an instant coffee that doesn’t taste so… well, instant. 

Perfect for consumers on-the-go this summer, in a rush, travelling or simply don’t have time for a multi-step pour-over routine, this craft-brewed coffee is ready in mere moments. 

Partners’ instant coffee goes on the same sustainably sourced, rigorously tested and roasted by hand journey as whole bean coffee. It’s then brewed and slowly dehydrated to preserve the full flavour of Partners’ three classic blends: 

  • Brooklyn – an approachable and delicious blend complete with tasting notes of cocoa, sweet toffee, and rich dried fruits; 
  • Jumpstart – a versatile and rich brew with tasting notes of caramel, jordan almond, and poached pear; 
  • El Ramo – a sweet and nuanced coffee that displays the impeccable flavour of Colombian Coffee through tasting notes of peach, fresh cream, and vanilla. 

Add one sachet to a mug or glass, combine with 8oz of hot or cold water (or milk), stir and enjoy. 

The box, containing five sachets, has a MSRP of USD $16. 

Partners ships nationwide and is available on Skimlinks + ShareASale for affiliate partnerships as well as on Amazon. 

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