Nepal Tea Collective launches QR code labels 

Nepal Tea Collective, a public benefit corporation that distributes fresh organic teas worldwide, now includes QR codes on all product labels. When scanned with smart phones, the QR codes offer information on the farm where the tea leaves were grown and when the particular bag of tea was plucked, packaged and shipped. The QR codes are part of Nepal Tea’s pledge to bring more traceability and transparency to the tea and herb industries.

“The tea industry is ripe for disruption. There are way too many middlemen creating little to no value at all.  They’re depressing the income for the farmers and degrading the quality and freshness of tea for consumers,” said Nishchal Banskota, Founder and CEO of Nepal Tea Collective. “We believe consumers deserve to know exactly where their tea comes from and whether or not it’s single-origin. We think of ourselves as a movement to reinvent the tea supply chain and make it more sustainable.”

“We’ve taken the further step of becoming a public benefit corporation (PBC) to really challenge the status quo and make a sustainable business with a core mission to do good for the tea farmers,” continued Banskota.“Becoming a PBC in fact mandates us to our public benefit purpose with legislative reporting requirements which enforce an enhanced level of accountability and transparency. We really want to challenge ourselves to do what is right for the farmers and the industry.”

Nepal Tea Collective currently offers a selection of organic black, green, oolong and white teas, as well as gift boxes and bundles. All teas are packed at origin in biodegradable bamboo pouches, which are locally handmade.

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