Coffee Planet announces 90+ specialty coffee range

Dubai-based Coffee Planet is on a mission to provide the finest global Arabica coffee, boasting an extensive range of speciality coffees. The newest addition, Coffee Planet’s 90+ coffee is an exclusive range of coffee beans carefully selected for their unique characteristics. Roasted to an outstanding quality, according to the company, the coffee scores an impressive 90+ on the SCA specialty coffee grading scale. To launch the new range, Coffee Planet has chosen two coffees from Panama and Columbia.

The 90+ Panama – Paché variety hails from the Ruiz Farm. The family run farm has been producing coffee in Panama with passion and respect for nearly a hundred years. The Ruiz Farm exclusively grows the Paché varietal, a compact coffee plant originally discovered in Guatemala. This Panama Paché, according to Coffee Planet, will captivate with its elegant notes and complexity and delivers an exquisite yet well-balanced coffee. The cup profile is robust and full bodied, with hints of dates, raisins, plums, cocoa, tea rose, hazel nuts, strawberry, orange and honey sweetness.

The 90+ Colombia Finca Las Margaritas is one of the most renowned coffees from the continent. Hailing from the Las Margaritas Farm, the harvest is incredibly small, making this coffee a classic case of quality over quantity, says Coffee Planet. It’s a long process of 20 to 34 hours of complex fermentation to illicit the most exciting flavours out of these special beans. The cup profile is medium to full bodied and includes notes of yogurt, vanilla, plums, raisins, strawberry, hazelnut, peach and molasses sweetness.

The 90+ range is available until quantities last via:


The 90+ Panama Paché: AED 120.50

The 90+ Colombia Finca Las Margaritas: AED 235.50

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