NuZee expands brand portfolio with completed acquisition of Dripkit

NuZee Inc, a leading co-packing company for single serve coffee formats, has announced the completion of its acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Dripkit Inc. The acquisition broadens NuZee’s product portfolio and provides a new type of pour over to deliver a variety of single serve pour over coffee experiences to roasters and consumers. Dripkit’s customers are also anticipated to have access to new resources and capabilities, including NuZee’s current single serve pour over and eco-friendly tea bag style coffee brew bag formats.

Dripkit will now operate as a new Dripkit Coffee business division of NuZee, which NuZee believes will permit it to scale operations, reach more consumers and accelerate growth. Dripkit offers a large-size single serve pour over format that delivers what it believes to be a barista-quality coffee experience to coffee drinkers in the United States. The brand has combined its focus on convenience and quality, as well as a goal of using first-rate, ethically sourced coffee beans, to become a leader in the single serve coffee category.

Transaction highlights, according to the company, include:

  • Brand awareness: Dripkit is highly recognised in the single serve pour over coffee category based in Brooklyn, New York. The acquisition immediately provides NuZee with access to Dripkit’s loyal customer base and is expected to heighten NuZee’s brand profile.
  • Product portfolio leadership: The Dripkit pack sits on top of the cup and projects to command a premium price point in the market. Each Dripkit pack produces a 10oz cup, using 17g of coffee.
  • Shared purpose-driven values: Dripkit shares NuZee’s commitment to sustainability by aiming for responsible and ethically sourced products that can enable mindful, responsible consumption for the consumers by brewing one cup at a time.
  • Leadership addition: Ilana Kruger, Dripkit’s founder and CEO, will join the NuZee team to facilitate a smooth integration and help to further grow the business.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Dripkit to our brand portfolio. Ilana has done a great job building Dripkit into a brand loved by many coffee drinkers as well as many coffee industry experts. We believe she has successfully cultivated a loyal and diverse customer base,” said Masa Higashida, president and CEO of NuZee. “This acquisition is expected to benefit both NuZee and Dripkit’s customers, as well as our partners giving all of us an opportunity to scale operations and grow together. We look forward to expanding this growth and broadening our capabilities through our resources.”

Serving as a private label and co-packer for a variety of roasters, Dripkit’s large-size pour over format will be an addition to NuZee’s portfolio of innovative single serve pour over and tea bag style coffee brew bags.

“NuZee’s resources, capabilities, and continued commitment to sustainability are exactly what the Dripkit brand needs to further catapult its growth and success,” said Ilana Kruger, founder and CEO of Dripkit. “Part of our process has always been to pack and seal our products by hand, as this led to a standard that we knew would make us proud. However, after seeing NuZee’s facilities and witnessing the team’s attention to detail and individual product care, we were immediately impressed with the overall quality and are excited to see our Dripkit brand thrive amid this transition.”

NuZee has acquired substantially all of the assets and assumed certain specified liabilities of Dripkit for total consideration of approximately $860,000 in cash and stock. The signing of the asset purchase agreement was previously disclosed on 22 February 2022.

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