JDE Peet’s commits to SBTi-approved targets to reduce GHG emissions across value chain

JDE Peet’s has announced it has committed to SBTi-approved greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets across its value chain. These new targets underscore JDE Peet’s’ commitment to create a better future by actively working to minimise the company’s operational footprint.

“JDE Peet’s is deeply committed to an inclusive growth model. Today’s announcement of our GHG emissions targets formalises our commitment to climate action, a key focal point within our sustainability journey, while creating long-term value for the business and our stakeholders,” said Fabien Simon, CEO JDE Peet’s.

“In addition, we are committed to reviewing these targets within the next five years and assessing the potential to further enhance our goals to a 1.5°C trajectory on the way to reaching net zero GHG emissions across our full value chain by 2050.”

JDE Peet’s’ approach to sustainability is focused on building collaborative partnerships and prioritising areas where it has the greatest potential impact, the company says. Its end-to-end approach to reduce GHG emissions across its value chain focuses on two key areas:

Minimising operational footprint:

  • Further increase the efficiency of resources across JDE Peet’s global manufacturing network;
  • Continue to grow the share of renewable electricity throughout business operations;
  • Replace fossil fuels with green alternatives wherever feasible, such as using spent coffee grounds as fuel in operations.

Addressing the footprint of the value chain:

  • Work towards 100% responsibly sourced coffee, tea, and palm oil by 2025 through its Common Grounds programme;
  • Minimise the environmental impact of JDE Peet’s packaging by reducing the amount of packaging it needs, designing its packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable, and increasing the share of recycled packaging post life-cycle;
  • Explore low-carbon logistics options for our inbound and outbound transport across the value chain.

To learn more about JDE Peet’s’ sustainability journey, visit the company’s website.

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