ICO’s Coffee’s Next Generation campaign continues for International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day (ICD) on 1 October 2021 is an occasion to promote and celebrate coffee as the world’s most beloved beverage. The ICD is also an opportunity to encourage sustainable coffee practices and to raise awareness about the plight of coffee growers and to thank all the stakeholders in the coffee value chain.

‘Coffee’s Next Generation’ aims at engaging all of the International Coffee Organization (ICO)’s Members and all coffee stakeholders to work together with youth organisations, industry leaders and associations, international organisations, development and financial partners and coffee consumers, to invest in the youth and bring to life their innovative ideas and enthusiasm for the benefit of the whole coffee community and to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic by building a more prosperous and sustainable future.

ICO is calling on the global coffee community to celebrate coffee and to contribute to building the Coffee’s Next Generation by sharing via [email protected] (subject line ‘ICD 2021’) ideas, initiatives, programmes, co-funding suggestions, stories, photos, and videos, related to coffee. This will allow to showcase the opportunities and the challenges of engaging and supporting youth in coffee production, trade, transformation, distribution, consumption, and disposal. ICO also encourages youth in the coffee value chain to submit their success stories and good practices at the following link. Selected stories will feature in the company’s 2021 Coffee Development Report.

Today (1 October 2021) the ICO will take part in the World Food Forum (WFF), organised by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Youth Committee and many young leaders to build better food systems. To align with this objective, the ICO will celebrate ICD 2021 during the opening day of the WFF. The ICO, in collaboration with Slow Food Coffee Coalition Youth Network, will be ‘Tracing the Coffee Value Chain’ and will explore the socio-economic challenges of the farmers up to the coffee reaching the final consumer. To register for the event, click here.

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