Nobletree Coffee unveils new micro-lot coffee line

Brooklyn, New York-based roaster Nobletree Coffee has launched its latest brew: the Royal Roast Micro-Lot Coffee. By prioritising these micro-lots, farmers can choose specific spots on the land to control the varietals, amount of sunlight or shade received, and the level of altitude to ensure an unrivaled caffeinated experience.

With sustainably grown and cultivated beans from Minas Gerais, Brazil, these micro-lots ensure that the specially selected beans are treated in ways to amplify their special qualities. The beans also undergo a 24-hour anaerobic fermentation, which heightens their flavour.

The Royal Roast Micro-Lot varieties include:

  • Empress Light Medium Roast – flavour notes of chocolate, hazelnut, sweet.
  • Majestic Medium Roast – flavour notes of caramel, chocolate, fruit.
  • Imperial (Espresso) – flavour notes of chocolate, hazelnut, sweet.

The 12oz bags have an MSRP of USD $16.99 and are available on the Nobletree Coffee website.

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