ITC introduces Farm to Home initiative

The International Trade Centre (ITC) is working with coffee farmers and organisations in Eastern Africa to introduce an initiative, “Farm to Home” – creating a new business model where the profits of coffee farmers are put first.

A consumer focused e-commerce website has been built by Sensible Development, providing access for the farmers to the retail market. Profits from the sale of the coffee go directly to the farmers.

Each purchase through this website will benefit the producers of the coffee with value addition not normally available to them when they sell into the local supply chain.

Whilst coffee farming is getting more challenging, the industry itself is booming. The retail coffee market is estimated to be worth over $83 billion USD per year. Across the world 80% of the coffee produced is grown by 25 million smallholder coffee farmers and their families who rely on coffee for their livelihoods.

All the coffees are chosen for their distinctly unique flavour, quality score and cup profile, a result of the coffee’s distinctive terroir, variety and, of course, production. The result is a range of coffees that are as distinctive and vibrant as the people who grew them. Farm to Home is offering 4 varieties of coffee from:

  • Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. A floral and creamy coffee with notes of apricot, peach and lychee.
  • Tanzania – Communal Shama, Tanzania. A bright and sweet coffee with notes of blackcurrant, candied raspberry and black tea.
  • Uganda – Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Center. A creamy and fruity coffee with notes of orange, milk chocolate and forest fruits.
  • Burundi – Migoti Coffee Company. A lime, crab apple, black tea and chocolate coffee.

“This project aims to create a model where producers can sell their own brands direct to consumers and fully benefit from the value of their crop, raising incomes and ensuring sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families,” says Alan Newman, managing director of Sensible Development.

For more information about Farm to Home, visit:

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