GoodSam Foods launches Colombian regeneratively farmed coffee

GoodSam Foods, an ally for small farms and farmers, has announced the launch of its newest product offering – coffee. Grown in Colombia by the same small, family-owned farms who grow the cacao used in GoodSam Chocolate, the brand introduces two coffee varieties, Orlando’s Single Farm Origin available on Thrive Market and the newly launched e-commerce website, and Everyday Coffee, launching in June on Thrive Market, and Amazon. Like GoodSam’s recently debuted line of chocolate products in November 2020, the coffee line is direct trade, non-GMO and grown using regenerative farming techniques.

With the goal of producing products that are good for you, fair for farmers and good for the planet, GoodSam brings high-quality ingredients found in Colombia to the US market, maintaining strong, direct trade relationships with the supply chain, manufacturers and indigenous communities of which they are grown. The farmers and GoodSam team prioritise the planet by practicing regenerative agriculture, a farming practice that reverses the effects of climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring soil biodiversity.

“One of the key tenants of regenerative agriculture is crop diversity, many of our farmers in Colombia not only grow cocoa but also nuts, fruits, honey, avocado, citrus and coffee. Launching a coffee line from the same small, family-owned farms that grow our cacao is a natural next step for GoodSam Foods,” said Heather K Terry, CEO and co-founder of GoodSam Foods.

Working with two separate communities in Colombia, GoodSam has launched the below coffee varities:

  • Orlando’s Single Farm Origin: Named for Orlando, the Colombian farmer that grows coffee alongside his family in the foothills of the Central Andes, this juicy coffee has notes of peach, honey and caramel. Made of a mix of Castillo, Caturro and Tipico beans, this unique single farm origin blend will be sold in small quanities at $19.99/ bag and is a USDA Organic certified coffee at 85 points. Orlando’s nephew, Jairo, works with GoodSam directly to source goods for the products while working on the farm and finishing his studies on specialty coffee and English to become an international coffee expert.
  • GoodSam Everyday Coffee: Isolated from the Andes, this balanced blend made for everyday enjoyment is grown in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Northern Colombia, the highest coastal mountain range in the tropics. Grown by the indigenous tribe, Arhuaco, who deeply care for their sacred grounds, this blend features fruity notes of apple/pear and honey. In addition to coffee, GoodSam sources organic cacao and honey from the tribe and supports projects that protect the native vegetation of the region. Further, the tribe’s business with GoodSam directly funds basic local education through increased productivty and profitability, to ensure that local farmers and their families stay together long-term. Priced a $19.99 each 2lb bag sold will help fund these efforts.

“We are honoured to be working with dedicated farmers in Colombia,” says Sam Stroot, COO and co-founder of GoodSam Foods. “As the warming world threatens the future of coffee, we stand by our farmers to help maintain steady yields and qualities of both coffee and cocao. We hope that with our support, farming practices and fair wages, their communities, and our entire planet, will thrive for generations to come.”

To learn more about GoodSam Foods and shop product, visit or follow on Instagram at @GoodSamFoods.

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