Bottleshot brings New Orleans coffee to UK

Female-run Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee has landed in the UK and is on a mission to bring cold brew coffee to the nation the way the brand says it should be; full of flavour, full bodied, ethical, with no nasty additives and with a clean caffeine kick. Cold brew coffee the New Orleans way.

Bottleshot steeps its ethically sourced Arabica beans in cold water overnight. This process not only creates a smoother, stronger energy kick – one can is as strong as two espresso shots – but also means it has 60% less acidity than regular coffee, meaning a much cleaner flavour profile that is reportedly kinder to your gut.

Thanks to the higher quality result of a long 18-hour brew, Bottleshot’s recipes can remain simple. There’s no added sugars, flavourings or crazy chemicals. It’s simply combining coffee and chicory for a smooth kick and naturally sweeter flavour.

So, when Louisiana ex-pats Charlotte Dales and Annie Mitchell could not get their cold brew fix after relocating to the UK, they decided to make their own and start Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee.

The now four-strong, fully female team go further than just bringing the end product to the UK, they ensure sustainability is at the forefront of all decisions made, giving back to charity with every drop made. All leftover grinds are given to YMCA’s ‘Urban Mushroom’, who recycle them to grow vegetables.

The ethical approach doesn’t stop there, as Bottleshot sources its beans only from non-profit Rainforest Alliance. Its aluminium cans are made from pre-recycled materials with its label fully recyclable, and by working with food-sharing companies it prevents imperfect goods or surplus products from going to waste.

Bottleshot co-founder, Annie Mitchell, said: “When we first arrived in the UK, we couldn’t find anything that even came close to the coffee that we knew and loved from New Orleans. Cold brew isn’t just a drink, it’s a different kind of energy that we believe in.

“We’re proud to be able to bring the cold brew coffee experience to the UK with Bottleshot and think Brits will love it. We’ve made sure that the caffeine kick is maximised due to our unique extraction process and the flavour is unlike anything else I’ve tried on this side of the pond for cold coffees.

“We’re now stocked all over the UK and this year is gearing up to be our busiest one yet. We’re currently testing new products and we’ll be announcing these and new national store partners very soon.”

Bottleshot’s two signature cold brew flavours – Coffee Black and Coffee Oat Milk – are available online and at Whole Foods Soho House, where it is the exclusive cold-brew provider.

Cold Brew Coffee Black (12 pack RRP £26.99): Unapologetically simple with an extended brew time that allows all of the right flavours to be extracted from the coffee that you miss out on when flash heated. The result, according to Bottleshot, is a higher quality coffee that is full-bodied, smooth, and naturally flavourful.

Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk (12 pack RRP £27.60): Introducing the right balance of nutty and naturally sweet notes to the original cold brew. The flavour is not excessively sweet, says Bottleshot, so that it still tastes like a proper coffee drink. This offering is dairy-free with no added sugars.

Taster Pack containing one of each drink (RRP £4.55 inc. shipping): Includes two coffees: 1 Black Coffee + 1 Coffee with Oat M*lk, each is full of bold flavour, smooth energy and simple ingredients.

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