Caffe Luxxe launches Coffee Kombucha

Caffe Luxxe has introduced a first-of-its-kind Coffee Kombucha, dubbed “The Original Coffee Kombucha.”

After months of testing and brewing this unique coffee-based kombucha made with their own Montenero Coffee, which has been handcrafted at each step – from bean selection to brewing and bottling – Caffe Luxxe’s first bottled beverage is now available at all its locations.

The Original Coffee Kombucha is a healthy, living, probiotic coffee drink made with only three natural ingredients – kombucha culture, coffee and raw brown sugar. Brewed with coffee instead of tea, it retains the probiotic benefits of a living kombucha, while offering the buzz and unique flavour profile of coffee. The original flavour has 90 calories per 16oz bottle and 212mg of caffeine (about the same as 16oz of black drip coffee).

“Our Coffee Kombucha applies the same handcrafted approach we bring to our other beverages, but delivers something a bit unexpected,” said Mark Wain, co-founder and president Los Angeles, California-based Caffe Luxxe. “It has a flavour profile with a hint of coffee on the front end, a cola-caramel mid-note, and a classic tart and semi-sweet sharpness on the finish. Probably its most unique characteristic is a richer, more decadent mouthfeel balanced by a refreshing effervescence.”

The process begins with selecting sustainably sourced beans from family-owned farms around the world to create Caffe Luxxe’s signature Montenero Blend coffee. The team diligently tested combinations of scoby cultures with various coffees to find the perfect balance, marrying the probiotic benefits of kombucha with the rich, full body flavour and energizing effects of coffee.

Caffe Luxxe Coffee Kombucha is now available at all seven Caffe Luxxe locations from Montecito to Long Beach, CA and on the company’s website for nationwide shipping. In addition to the original flavour, cola, black cherry and vanilla coffee kombucha are in shops and are also available to ship. The 16oz bottles retail for USD $6.

Caffe Luxxe, co-owned by Mark Wain and Gary Chau, has steadily expanded to seven Caffes and a roastery since first opening in Santa Monica, CA in 2006. Favouring simplicity and precision over trendier brewing methods, and remaining steadfastly focused on hospitality and craftsmanship, it took a few days of forced isolation back in March 2020 to get the team thinking beyond the perfect cup of coffee, and coffee kombucha was born. To learn more about The Original Coffee Kombucha, visit:

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