Blue Goose Coffee now available in plastic free pouches

UK, Devon-based Blue Goose Coffee has released its new range in completely plastic free and compostable pouches.

Small batch roasted to, the new range includes Blue Goose’s speciality grade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Whole Bean, grown as ‘garden coffee’ in the region of Ethiopia where coffee was first discovered (RRP £8.00)

Blue Goose’s new Organic Peruvian coffee delivers notes of chocolate, nuts and fruits. Wrapped up in a compostable pouch and certified organic, this coffee is grown by six smallholder farmers in Peru’s mountainous northern region (£7.50).

The new single-origin Organic Swiss Water Decaf Whole Bean and Ground coffee from Peru is reportedly rich, smooth and indulgent but, unlike the reported 80% of decaffeinated coffees on the market that undergo a decaffeination process that uses the same chemicals found in paint stripper, only spring water, temperature and time have been used to create this coffee without the caffeine kick or chemical trail (RRP £7.75).

Only speciality grade coffee makes it into the Blue Goose range, where the farmers dictate their price well above the Fairtrade Minimum Price.

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