ENSŌ Matcha promotes nurturing of body and mind through matcha tea

ENSŌ Matcha is a new UK-based matcha brand, founded in 2020. The brand aims to inspire people to nurture their body and mind and is particularly targeted towards women who lead busy, hectic lives and who would benefit the most from matcha’s calming, energising properties.

“Working long hours in stressful jobs, we both experienced burnout at young ages. We committed to building a better life with a healthier work-life balance, and that’s when we came across matcha. The more we learned about this tea and its values, the more we realised it embodied the kind of balanced lifestyle we wanted to live. After experiencing the positive impact it had on us, we felt inspired to create ENSŌ Matcha so others could experience it, too.

“And we’re excited to share some of the world’s finest artisanal Japanese matcha with you! The brand is named after a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism, meaning circle. It symbolizes many things: the beauty in imperfection, balance and the acceptance of ‘what is,'” says founder Natalia.

ENSŌ’s matcha tea comes from Kyoto, Japan, widely known as the most prestigious tea farming region in the world. The matcha is grown by artisanal tea farming families with generations of experience and produced in small batches to guarantee freshness, quality and great taste. The master tea blenders combine different cultivators to achieve a unique flavour profile and maintain consistency year-round.

ENSŌ Matcha can be enjoyed hot or cold.

For more information, visit: ensomatcha.co.uk.

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