Mittal Teas expands to UK market

Wholesale supplier and Indian tea garden aggregator, Mittal Teas, has expanded its operations to bring ethically-sourced Indian tea to the UK market.

Led by father and daughter duo, Vikram and Nikita Mittal, Mittal Teas was founded in New Delhi in 1954 following a rise in demand for Darjeeling and Assam teas. Since then, the wholesaler has grown to service clients across India as well as in Germany, France, Japan and the USA.

Catering for both businesses and individual tea drinkers, Mittal Teas offers a range of Indian tea selected from regions such as Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri and Sikkim. The firm says it prides itself on acting as a tea garden aggregator, stocking tea chosen by its in-house tasters.

Specifically working with importers, tea houses, tea brands and businesses in the hospitality sector, Mittal Teas has become a single point of call for suppliers, reducing the need to coordinate with multiple tea gardens.

Nikita Mittal, 4th generation tea master at Mittal Teas, said: “We are so excited to be able to offer our extensive range of teas to a UK market. We’ve had our eye on this space for a while now, especially since our expansion in France, so we’re pleased we can make that a reality.

“We know how important a good cup of tea is to a UK audience and we think that our range of carefully selected blends will be well received, whether that’s an everyday drinking tea or something a bit more adventurous.”

Alongside consumer sales, Mittal Teas also has extensive experience in supplying its wholesale products to leisure businesses across India. With a portfolio including Taj and Pullman Hotels, the company offers complimentary training and guidance to its clients in addition to its products, as well as menu indentation, customised blends and private labelling for the hospitality sector.

Nikita Mittal added: “Our work with businesses in the hospitality and catering sector in India has been a key factor in our growth and our extensive experience means we’re best placed to advise on the quality and taste of our products.

“It’s that added value, along with our large range of Indian and imported tea, that we intend to maintain as we continue to grow.”

Mittal Tea customers based in the UK can purchase products on Amazon and the firm’s website, choosing from a range of loose tea and tea bags including black tea, green tea and white tea.

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