Scottish roaster lets customers create own coffee blends online

A Scottish coffee roaster is offering customers the chance to create their own coffee blends and have them delivered to their doors. Blendly Commercial Coffee Roaster is normally only open to trade customers, however, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the business is opening up to domestic customers by selling coffee blends created by baristas and cafés to coffee lovers online.

Started in 2016 by Mark Wilson, the idea behind Blendly was to create a one-stop online coffee roasting and blending service for Baristas and cafés owners.

After the national lockdown was announced, Wilson decided to open Blendly to customers of these cafés to either buy coffee blends created by their favourite cafés, or create their own.

In opening to domestic customers to buy coffee blends, the Blendly is giving businesses that are currently closed or operating at a reduced capacity a chance to reach customers they might not normally be able to.

Visitors to the Blendly website can start creating their own coffee blend or buy from ready made batches. Created blends can be shared electronically with QR codes or referral links.

Blendly offers both individual purchases and a subscription service – Barista Home, from £4.99 per month. Commercial plans start at £12.99 per month.

The team at Blendly said: “People are always looking out for products that identify with them, reflecting their character and personality, traits that are unique to themselves.

“The coffee market has grown significantly over the past 20 years and blends are consistently evolving to accommodate changing palates and preferences. These are amongst the many reasons why more and more people are switching away from their usual coffee brands to Blendly.”

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