Lost Sheep Coffee makes packaging fully recyclable

Lost Sheep Coffee, the UK speciality coffee company based in Kent, has announced it will now be supplying all its foodservice, hospitality and retail customers with whole and ground coffee beans in fully recyclable bags and boxes.

Stuart Wilson, founder and managing director or Lost Sheep Coffee, commented: “Like everyone in the industry, the closure of our coffee shops has hit us hard over the past month.  It’s not been an easy time. However, we have used this time to speed up our plan to improve our trade and retail offering immeasurably. We have proudly completely redesigned all our coffee bean packaging to ensure that it is as environmentally friendly as possible whilst maintaining the freshness of our coffee.”

Lost Sheep is going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that its entire product range is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Wilson said: “We are one of the first to have moved all our packaging to eco-friendly alternatives to benefit all our customers.  What is really important to us is the whole life cycle of our ranges. Our capsules, which are available in bags of 100 to our trade customers, are made from a waste product form the paper making industry. We take this waste product that would normally be destined for incineration and repurpose it into our coffee capsules, they can completely composted in the food waste bin within 12 weeks. We have a lot of hotel accounts whose guests love the experience of being green whilst enjoying their stay.

“We have eco targets we are working towards and ensuring our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible has been a huge key step.”

Lost Sheep Coffee’s plastic free 100% compostable Nespresso compatible coffee pod range is now also available in new space-saving double-stack boxes, which have been designed to be instantly recognisable and stand out on shelves.

To match the green credentials of the compostable capsules, Lost Sheep’s outer packaging is also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable as it uses vegetable inks.

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