Simonelli Group donates respiratory intubation machine to Camerino Hospital

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis in Italy, the Simonelli Group has arranged a donation for the acquirement of a respiratory intubation machine for the intensive care unit of Camerino Hospital.

The Camerino Hospital is the first of its kind in the province of Macerata, which is also where the Simonelli Group headquarters are situated.

“In this challenging health situation, every one of us needs to do their part”, commented Nando Ottavi, president of Simonelli Group. “The Company shares the need to be even closer to the community. We need to do what is possible to sustain the great efforts the public health services are doing along with the many individuals that work every single day with dedication and sacrifice, saving thousands of lives.”

The Simonelli Group has a strong connection to Camerino, the city in which the Group began its research projects that evolved into innovative technologies for coffee extraction.

Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group, said: “In collaboration with the University of Camerino, we created value to allow coffee shop chains and baristas worldwide to make high-quality drinks. At this moment duty calls us to offer value to our community to strengthen and support the Hospital of Camerino, and to do so, ensure they have the necessary equipment to cope with the emergency and save lives.”

In response to the current extreme health emergency, the Simonelli Group has adopted strict precaution procedures and practices for all its employees, which are stipulated in the Group’s “Covid19 insurance” policy, offering concrete support to each employee in the case of contagion.

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