Port NOLA launches digital learning toolbox

The Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) has launched a digital Learning Toolbox aimed at educating Louisiana students about the role that the local maritime industry and the Port play in everyday life. Students, parents and educators are invited to explore the Port’s four lines of business, immerse themselves in videos and learn about careers made possible by Port activity and the Louisiana maritime industry.

Port NOLA’s Learning Toolbox launches at a crucial time during the Covid-19 pandemic and the State of Louisiana’s stay-at-home mandate. With school closures projected until mid-April, educators and parents can use the educational resources provided in Port NOLA’s Toolbox to share access to information with students and children about the company’s global connections.

“During this unprecedented crisis, Port NOLA and our maritime partners are proud to continue to do our part as a vital link in the global supply chain so essential goods continue to reach our communities,” said Brandy D. Christian, president and CEO of Port NOLA.

“This online student resource supports our goal of providing our region’s young people with greater access to information about the working river — during these unusual circumstances and beyond.”

In addition to providing educational resources, the Toolbox serves as part of Port NOLA’s growing workforce development initiatives.

“For the Port, it is important to engage our local student population about the importance of the local maritime industry and the types of careers generated within it,” said Christian.

“Port NOLA’s maritime activity generates family-supporting jobs at all skill and educational levels, and we want to begin introducing this information to a younger audience as they progress through their studies and begin considering varying career paths.”

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