Clipper Teas expands decaffeinated range

Clipper Teas has expanded its range of the UK’s most naturally decaffeinated tea to the Health Food Trade, following increased consumer demand.

The range includes two new Fairtrade and organic options: Earl Grey Decaf Tea and Pure Green Decaf Tea, in addition to the brand’s Everyday Decaf Tea.

Clipper Teas uses a completely natural decaffeination process, filtering the tea with CO2 rather than using harsh chemicals. The process is approved for organic products as a more natural way to decaffeinate, that doesn’t leave behind any harmful residues. The tea bags are also unbleached, non-GM and made with a biodegradable, plant-based material.

The decaffeinated category has grown by 6% in the past two years alone and within tea it is projected to be worth an additional £3 million to the category by 2022.

Bryan Martins, marketing director for Clipper Teas at Wessanen UK, said: “Decaffeinated tea consumption is on the rise for a number of reasons; growing awareness of the natural benefits of good sleep; increased appeal with a younger and more health-conscious demographic and rising demand for specialist teas that can support a healthier lifestyle.

“As part of Wessanen UK, Clipper is focused on making every cup count to support people to make better health choices for themselves, and the health of the planet through organic, Fairtrade and sustainable tea.”

The decaf tea products will be listed in Whole Foods, Planet Organic and other independent food stores with an RRP of £3.49 per pack. The range will later be rolled out in selected supermarkets.

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