Ferris Coffee & Nut Unveils New Coffee Packaging

Ferris Coffee & Nut Company has launched new coffee packaging that serves as a visual storytelling canvas to display the company’s philosophy, sustainable relationships, and commitment to customers and quality products. The updated packaging focuses on four major areas that convey careful consideration and dedication to sustainability, including: consistency, function, aesthetic and messaging.

Ferris’ design team focused first on function, considering each touchpoint throughout the manufacturing process, the retail level and, ultimately, the end user. They then began to work on the aesthetic, honing in on a visual representation of the company. The bags were switched from all black to a lighter, cleaner layout that individually brands each coffee to share a story specific to its source country and taste.

“Our team realised that Ferris’ packaging presented an opportunity to better connect with the consumer and tell our company story as we took them through our coffee’s journey,” says Ursula Casanova, brand manager of Ferris Coffee, Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Creating a new coffee packaging system allows us to better articulate our company’s mission, vision and coffee programme. At Ferris, we want to recognise everyone, from the growers we work with to our baristas. They all play a vital role in creating the ultimate coffee experience.”

The coffee bags were inspired by the 93-year-old family-owned and -operated specialty coffee and nut roaster’s “people first” philosophy and their commitment to properly sourcing coffee while making specialty coffee approachable and available to everyone. According to the company, this concept drove the label design, intended for each flavour’s identity to resonate with the consumer and ultimately provide greater understanding and appreciation for coffee.

To learn more about Ferris Coffee, the varietals, roasting methods or sourcing information, visit https://ferriscoffee.com/coffee.

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