Wildcrafter launches range of botanical coffees

Wildcrafter Botanicals has launched its first range of coffees, blended with botanicals.

Founded by physician, Tieraona Low Dog, M.D, she is considered one of the world’s leading experts in botanicals.

“Science is our foundation, and nature is our inspiration. Formulation is as much an art as it is a science. Whenever you’re going to blend botanicals together, you’re always thinking about the overall effect that you’re trying to impart. I spent four years working to create four efficacious, botanically infused blends that would allow you to still have a great cup of coffee,” said Dr. Low Dog.

The four blends are made with 100% organic fair-trade Arabica coffee beans and organic botanicals. The coffee comes from women and community-owned farming cooperatives in Columbia and is delivered in fully recyclable K-Cups.

This delivery system was selected as not only is it convenient, when high heat and pressure of water is forced through coffee infused with botanicals, it delivers the ideal extraction for consistent amounts of botanicals in every cup.

Wildcrafter tests every single batch of coffee and botanicals for over 300 herbicides and pesticides. The coffee is Certified Fair Trade and all four blends are USDA certified organic.

The four blends include:

  • Inner Warrior blend – this coffee includes 400 milligrams of rhodiola root, 200 milligrams of lion’s mane mushroom, and 200 milligrams of Peruvian maca root.
  • Creative Genius blend, which contains 200 milligrams of bacopa and 200 milligrams of ashwagandha root.
  • Immune Shield blend includes 200 milligrams of astragalus root, 200 milligrams of reishi mushroom and 200 milligrams of elderberry.
  • Spiritual Chill is a blend of decaffeinated coffee with 250 milligrams of chamomile, 200 milligrams of holy basil and 200 milligrams of passionflower.

“At Wildcrafter Botanicals, we are committed to doing good for people and the planet. We were very intentional in the development of our products, ensuring our botanically infused coffees were as convenient, accessible, flavorful, effective, and good for the planet as possible. We cannot wait for you to try them and truly feel the difference,” said Dr. Low Dog.

Wildcrafter Botanicals can be purchased online at wildcrafter.com.

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