Herbal immersé tea collection launched

Thai tea company, Tropical Green Line has launched its immersé tea collection which it says it has “crafted for urban people”.

immersé tea looks to restore the balance of living in an urban lifestyle, by offering tropical herbal tea which is designed with style.

Entirely caffeine free, the range consists of:

  • Morning Booster: Caffeine free tea which helps to refresh the consumer in the morning (Roselle and Ginger tea)
  • City Calmer: Relax after a long hectic day from work and commute (Bael Fruit tea)
  • Bedtime Story: Induce tight sleep and increase immunity (Lemongrass and Pandan tea)

Founded in Bangkok, Thailand. Tropical Green Line Co. is dedicated to fulfilling the urban lifestyle with modern tropical herbs-based products. For more information, please visit www.immersetea.com.

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