Puremade Syrups from Torani

Torani has launched its newest product line, Puremade Syrups and Sauces for beverages. All products in the range contain natural flavors and colors, no artificial preservatives, and are GMO-free.

“At Torani, we love our consumers and they are at the heart of everything we do,” said Melanie Dulbecco, CEO of Torani. “And we know that they are on a quest for more natural, simpler products. When consumers turn around a package, they want to recognize every single ingredient on the label. They also never want to compromise taste. That’s Torani Puremade: amazing flavor, pure and simple.”

Puremade Syrups are crafted to balance in the finished drink, whether it’s a nuanced cold brew coffee or a vibrant iced tea. The range will debut with 16 flavors, with more in late 2019.

Torani Sauces will be replaced by Torani Puremade Sauces featuring the same amazing flavor, but now with only clean-label ingredients. Torani Puremade Sauces are crafted specifically for beverages, quickly blending into cold and hot drinks and have been perfected by Torani’s in-house team of flavor scientists and drink makers.

About Torani

Founded in 1925, Torani is a South San Francisco-based, family-owned business known for putting Italian soda on the map and making the world’s first flavored latte.  Torani will first introduce Puremade to its foodservice partners in the spring of 2019, and rollout Puremade to retail and consumers this fall http://www.torani.com

Torani will be at SCA Expo, 11-14 April. Visit them at booth 809

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