Caribou Coffee Launches Bubbles Beverage Line

With the up and coming Generation Z demographic specifically in mind, Caribou Coffee has introduced a line of beverages featuring bubbles and matcha. The bubbles are square-shaped, chewy, coconut jellies flavoured with caramel that have a different texture than other bubbles on the market. Additionally, unlike many options in the market, Caribou’s Bubbles are not filled with ingredients such as tapioca or fruit juice, so they don’t pop when chewed.

“We use clean label ingredients [in all our products including the bubbles] so the bubbles come from coconut water, but the flavour is not overly coconut,” says Andrew Kraus, director product innovation, Caribou Coffee, Minneapolis, Minnesota. “The bubbles have a unique texture and are something differentiated from the standard bubble tea tapioca pearls.”

Caribou Coffee is the first national coffeehouse in the US to offer bubbles in iced coffee drinks. “Bubble tea is great, and we wanted to bring it to our guests,” says Kraus. “We thought two additional ways to delight our guests are with the Matcha Tea Cooler and putting bubbles into a classic Caribou coffee drink (the Caramel Coffee Cooler). We expect guests to add bubbles to their favourite cold coffee or tea drinks as well.”

Available for a limited time only, the bubbles can be added to any of Caribou’s existing iced beverages or enjoyed in the new line of Bubble Drinks. Caribou Coffee’s new Bubble Drinks include: Raspberry Green Tea (iced), Matcha Tea Cooler (blended), and Caramel Coffee Cooler (blended).

Caribou Coffee guests can also enjoy a new line of matcha beverages, which includes:

  • Matcha Tea Cooler with Bubbles: matcha powder, vanilla, half & half, and Caribou Coffee’s shake mix blended together and served on a bed of bubbles or coconut jellies flavoured with caramel;
  • Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte: matcha powder, vanilla and steamed milk.

Launched in about 400 Caribou stores across the US on 3 May, and available until the end of summer/Labour Day (based on actual sales volume), the new Bubble and Matcha beverages’ pricing varies by market but is aligned with Caribou’s Signature beverage pricing (Coolers, Mint Condition Mocha, etc), at approximately USD $5.00 each.

Founded in 1992, Caribou Coffee is the second largest company-operated premium coffeehouse in the United States with more than 263 company-owned stores and 50 Coffee & Bagels stores in partnership with Einstein Bros. Bagels, 142 domestic license locations in 19 states and 268 international franchise stores in 12 countries. Caribou Coffee provides high quality, handcrafted beverages and food options to fuel life’s adventures, both big and small. Known for a commitment to sustainability, the company was the first major US coffeehouse to serve 100% Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees and espresso. Caribou Coffee products can also be found in grocery stores, mass retailers, club stores, foodservice providers, hotels, entertainment venues and online.

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