Probat Celebrates its 150th Anniversary in 2018

This year will be special for one of the world leaders in coffee processing technology. Probat is celebrating its 150th anniversary and is dedicating all of 2018 to it. Various highlights for customers, employees and coffee enthusiasts around the world are accompanying this milestone birthday throughout the year. A number of international trade show participations will eventually culminate in the anniversary’s highlight, the Probat Coffee Symposium, ‘Connecting Markets.’

The Probat Coffee Symposium, ‘Connecting Markets’ will take place at the company’s headquarters in Emmerich, Germany 19-20 September. On this occasion, leaders and executives of the international coffee industry will come together to share their knowledge with each other. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in inspiring discussions and networking activities. The two-day event will feature keynote speeches and innovative think-tanks accompanied by breakout sessions.

Probat CEO Wim Abbing would like the global coffee industry to join the celebrations of the company’s anniversary. “Probat stands for a great passion for coffee combined with a fascination with technology. Our products and services have been shaping the market for one and a half centuries and four generations,” he says. “I warmly invite the coffee industry to be part of the Probat 150th anniversary festivities.”

To keep all coffee enthusiasts informed about the Probat Coffee Symposium and the entire anniversary year in detail, the company has created a microsite – – where information regarding all events evolving around the jubilee can be found. The microsite will be continually updated and will be directly linked to various social media platforms where people can post Probat anniversary-related information with the tag: #probat150.

Probat has been developing pioneering solutions for the coffee industry for 150 years. Its range of services includes the development, design and construction of roasters and grinders as well as the planning and implementation of industrial production facilities. Machine and plant controls, environmental technologies and comprehensive services also make up part of Probat’s product portfolio. Together with subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, Scotland, and the USA, Probat has 900 employees, about 550 of whom are based in Germany, as well as agencies in more than 40 countries.

For more information on Probat’s 150th anniversary celebration or its symposium, Connecting Markets, visit:

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