IWCA Converges in Mexico for its 5th Convention this August

The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) announced that its 5th international convention will take place 3-5 August 2017 in Puebla, Mexico.

The IWCA Convention puts the spotlight on issues related to gender equality and empowerment. This year’s IWCA Convention’s theme emphasizes technical and vocational education and training as equal access for all to quality education, skills acquisition and technical training are essential to promoting women’s participation in the coffee supply chain market.

As stated by UN Women, the world of work is changing, with significant implications for women. On one hand, we have globalization, technological and digital revolution and the opportunities they bring and on the other hand, the growing informality of labor, unstable livelihoods and incomes, new fiscal and trade policies and environmental impacts — all of which must be addressed in the context of women’s economic empowerment.

IWCA’s Convention brings together international leaders and industry experts to one place for three days, to discuss the significant implications for women in the changing world of coffee. Keynote presentations by industry leaders and experts will be complemented by a range of skill building workshops such as roasting and cupping classes and “How to Build Your Business Using Social Media,” as well as lectures such as “Plagues and the Impact of Climate Change.”

Additionally, building on the success of the inaugural event at the 2015 IWCA Convention in Colombia, the Female All Stars Barista Competition returns for this year’s IWCA Convention. Through competition and camaraderie, participants in the All Stars program will be able to take their barista skills to the next level.

The IWCA is a global network of self-governing, independent chapters, with a business model of success through localization. Its mission is to empower women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives and to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry. From Congo to Costa Rica, Brazil to Burundi, the IWCA network empowers and connects not only producing and consuming countries but nearly every role in the coffee value chain. IWCA provides the platform to achieve the economic and sustainable development that transforms individuals, families, and communities and can support coffee becoming the first sustainable agricultural product in the world.

To register, or for more information on the IWCA Convention in Puebla, Mexico, 3-5 August, visit:

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