Kung Fu Tea Opens Its First International Store in Australia

Kung Fu Tea, a brand that specializes in freshly made tea beverages such as bubble tea, has announced the opening of its newest store, in Australia. The store, located at Shop 31F, 8B Balmoral Avenue, Springvale, Victoria 3171, marks the company’s first international location.

Kung Fu Tea was founded in 2009 in New York, New York, with a goal of creating a more refined bubble tea culture. The company currently operates 120 stores across the US. Kung Fu plans to open more stores in Australia, and new stores in Canada and Vietnam.

Bubble tea is a tea- or milk-based drink featuring tapioca, a starch derived from cassava root. Tapioca is modernly known as “boba.” Kung Fu sources all its teas from Taiwan. Its teas, all loose leaf, include jasmine green tea, black tea, and oolong. In its stores, Kung Fu brews the tea every three hours to ensure each drink is freshly made. Its bestsellers include the Kung Fu Milk Tea, Oolong Milk Tea, Taro Slush, and Passion Fruit Green Tea. The tea beverages range in price from USD $3-$6. Kung Fu plans to launch a line tea bags next year.

Kung Fu Tea also announced a new partnership with TKK International Inc, a quick service restaurant brand that specializes in the fried chicken. “We’re excited to partner with TKK for the US market because the bubble tea and snacks combination has become a concept of ubiquitous influence,” says a spokesperson for the company. “Foodies continue to photograph bubble tea alongside snacks ranging from dim sum to fried chicken. These photos have spread significantly across all social media platforms, typically under the hashtags “#bubbletea” or “#boba.” Additionally, TKK prides itself on authenticity in flavours and textures, which we think is a core brand value that’s noteworthy.”

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