The BSCA invites American specialty coffee importers to Brazil

The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) is inviting North American specialty roasted coffee importers interested in learning more about Brazilian exporters and their specialty coffees on a special origin trip to Brazil during the 2017 coffee harvest season.

At the beginning of next year, the BSCA’s board of directors will select some American companies to be officially invited by BSCA. If interested, fill out and submit the form below through the following webpage: The form may also be accessed directly by visiting:

The origin trip winners will be selected randomly from among all respondents who have filled the form out completely.  As a special guest, all accommodation and transport expenses, including international airfare, will be paid by BSCA. American citizens are required to apply for a Brazilian visa.

The BSCA values people and businesses who deal with specialty coffees. Please take the time to let us know more about your business model and interest. We will consider your feedback and invite you for future events and opportunities in Brazil or abroad.

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