Royal Coffee NY hosts inaugural tea class at The Lab

Coffee and tea importer Royal Coffee New York (RCNY) is launching its first tea course at its coffee and tea education center, The Lab, on 18 November, with an oolong-focused class.

Founded in 2015 and located at the company’s South Plainfield, New Jersey headquarters, The Lab is RCNY/RTNY’s education center that was established to “…further, broaden and elevate coffee and tea education for consumers and professionals.”

Taiwanese tea company Jhentea will be conducting the oolong tea tasting on 18 November from 13:00 to 15:00. Jhentea is a generations-old Taiwanese oolong tea company. Tickets are available on RCNY’s The Lab webpage for USD $20. For more information and to purchase tickets for the event, please visit:

The tasting will be conducted by Jhentea’s US representative, Kuei Fang, in partnership with RCNY’s award-winning tea brand Royal Tea New York. An affiliate branch of Royal Coffee New York, Royal Tea New York was founded in January 2016 on the premise of providing a variety of high quality teas for wholesale purchase. The importer won second place in the North American Tea Championship’s Pan Fired green tea category in October 2016 and frequently conducts tea presentations for audiences involved in all levels of tea and coffee production.

Exclusively showcasing oolong, a type of tea popular throughout Asia, this will be The Lab’s first course focused on tea. “We’re honored to have Fang represent Jhentea for our inaugural Origin Cupping series,” Royal Tea New York director Ravi Kroesen said. Fang will perform a ceremonial cupping and detail the importance of oxidation in the processing of Oolong tea.

Jhentea is a generations-old internationally distributed Taiwanese oolong tea company, led by matriarch and respected oolong tea expert Fu Chen. Moving operations to Taiwan in the late 19th century, Jhentea’s founders were among the first tea farmers to bring Chinese tea varietals to Taiwan. The commitment to quality has carried through each generation and Jhentea continues to provide high quality oolong tea through expertise steeped in family experience.

The Lab is RCNY’s coffee and tea education center, a state-of-the-art facility with the capability of conducting green-buying, cupping, barista, and roasting classes, which serves to both educate the specialty community and enhance the quality assurance of RCNY’s coffee supply. “We are…proud to provide a reputable home and staff for hands-on education,” The Lab’s education director Olivia Miles explained. “This is truly reflected in our diverse programming with events ranging from the oolong cupping with Fang from Jhentea to introductory espresso courses to top-tier certification courses like the Q-Grader program.”


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