Detox tea range launched

Consumer brand Awesome! has launched its first detox tea range after identifying consumer’s desire to lose weight naturally.

To create the blend, the brand replaced a laxative Senna, commonly contained in traditional off the shelf detox teas with Garcia Cambodia imported from India.

Through removing the artificial laxative consumers are able to drink 25% more tea over the month enabling more effective weight loss.

Andrea Madgwick, CEO at Awesome!, says, “In investing in fresh, natural worldwide ingredients we deliver to consumers a more effective Detox Tea and one they’re more likely to enjoy drinking and see a benefit from.”

The range has also replaced commonly used nature identical flavourings with fresh worldwide ingredients imported from 13 countries.

Available for order on the company website, the detox tea is sold in a 30-day pack containing a total of 60 tea bags (30 day bags and 30 night bags) at £39.95.

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