Starbucks launches next generation Verismo Brewer

Starbucks Coffee is debuting the next generation of its Verismo System on 21 October. The new Verismo V Brewer single-cup brewing system offers a sleek updated design, enhanced features and expanded coffee and espresso pod variety, which allow customers to craft Starbucks brewed coffee, espresso and caffé lattes consistently and conveniently, one cup at a time with the push of a button.

With the new brewing system, Starbucks wanted to ensure customers would have a quality cup of coffee every time. “We always start by working with the coffee team to understand the flavor profile they are looking for,” Paul Camera, director of global equipment development for Starbucks said. “Then it’s up to us to develop a machine that best expresses the flavor of each coffee bean.” The coffee team said the espresso should be assertive with a “caramelly” sweetness in the cup. Brewed coffee should have balanced, distinct flavors.

The Verismo System uses dual-pressure Swiss engineering to bring deep flavor, rich crema and the complexity of coffee served in Starbucks cafés. The new Verismo V Brewer features a larger cup of brewed coffee, now 10 fluid-ounces, compared with 7.1 fl. oz on the previous Verismo 600 model. The Verismo V also boasts quieter operation, an adjustable drip tray that can accommodate a variety of mug sizes, a larger water reservoir conveniently located on the side of the brewer, and it heats up in only 15 seconds.

To craft customized beverages, consumers can use the new Verismo Milk Frother and preferred milk or add a splash of Starbucks syrup. The new Verismo Milk Frother, which can be purchased with the Verismo V Brewer or separately, makes it possible to craft Starbucks beverages with hot or cold frothed milk for a Starbucks experience at home. Customers can now choose their favorite milk to create light or thick foam and craft a range of espresso beverages like caffé lattes, caffé mochas and cappuccinos. Customers have even more choices in brewed and espresso Verismo coffee pods available at Starbucks stores. Customers can now find Veranda Blend (Blonde, Blend), Caffè Verona (Dark, Blend) and Sumatra (Dark, Single-Origin) Colombia Nariño espresso, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe espresso and Decaf Pike Place Roast brewed coffee as well as Teavana Masala Chai Tea at participating Starbucks locations in the US and Canada. Limited Edition Verismo Pods include Christmas Blend (Dark, Blend) and Anniversary Blend (Dark, Blend) in brewed coffee, Christmas Blend Espresso (Dark, Blend), and Guatemala Casi Cielo (Medium; Single-Origin).

The new pods can be used with older versions of the brewer — espresso, milk and chai pods are fully compatible on all brewers. However, the new pods are intended to make a 10-fl. oz. cup of brewed coffee on the Verismo V brewer so customers may notice a difference in the flavor strength of the brewed coffee. (Starbucks recommends adding water with the brewed or hot water button—depending on the generation of brewer—to balance the flavor.)

The Verismo V Brewer system (brewer + frother + pods) will be available for pre-order on beginning today, 19 October, and at participating stores in the US and Canada starting Friday, 21 October. The Verismo V Brewer has a SRP of USD $149 and includes a free 12-count box of Verismo pods (consumers may choose the variety). The Verismo V Brewer and Milk Frother will also be available as a bundle (online at or at select Starbucks US and Canadian locations) with a SRP of $179. The bundle also includes a free 12-count box of Verismo pods (consumers’ choice).

The Verismo Milk Frother, will be available for purchase separately online at and at select Starbucks locations nationwide and in Canada, with a SRP of USD $59.

Verismo pods will also be sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond in stores and online (US and Canada), and Verismo Pods have a SRP of USD $9.95-$12.85 depending on the variety.

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