GFH participates in Revlon Challenge

Grounds for Health is participating in the Revlon Love Is On 2016 Million Dollar Challenge, a women’s-health focused online fundraising competition launched by Revlon where organizations that support women’s health causes compete for cash prize donations from Revlon. The campaign’s motto is: “Spreading the Power of Love in Support of Women’s Health.”

The competition kicked off September 14 and runs through October 26. The non-profit that raises the most money during the six-week competition will win an additional $1 million donation to their cause from cosmetics giant Revlon. Grounds for Health wants to raise as much money as possible because it has a shot at the $1 million grand prize. There are also unique bonus “Challenges” where additional funds could go to Grounds for Health.

Grounds for Health (GFH), the Williston, Vermont-based non-profit that works to improve the health of women in coffee-growing communities, has a chance of securing more than $10,000 from Revlon during the campaign. For example, from 14-20 September, if GFH is one of the top 10 fundraising charities, it will win an additional $5,000. From 27 September-4 October, if GFH is one of the first 10 charities to raise $5,000 during the week, it will receive an additional $5,000.

GFH is asking those in the coffee industry to join its team as a fundraiser. Reaching out to participants’ network of friends, family and supporters, can help GFH make an even bigger impact on women in coffee-growing communities. Support will help GFH to reach its 2016-17 goal of freeing 13,000 African women from the fear of cervical cancer.

It takes less than five minutes to set up a fundraiser: GO HERE and click “Fundraise for This Campaign.” GFH also put together a Grounds for Health Revlon Toolkit to help willing participants get started.

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