Miko wins the Fairtrade Frontrunners Award for the second year in a row

The winners of the second edition of the Fairtrade Frontrunners Awards were announced yesterday evening. Belgian company Miko won the award in the “Fairtrade Premium” category. Miko also took this award home previously in 2023.

Fairtrade Frontrunner Awards

The “Fairtrade Frontrunner Awards” are an initiative of Fairtrade Belgium – the organization behind the label in Belgium – to recognize the efforts of companies marketing Fairtrade-labeled products. “We would be nowhere without our business partners,” states Philippe Weiler, director of Fairtrade Belgium. “Through the awards, we want to recognize them for their efforts as well as encourage them to go the extra mile.”

Puro Fairtrade coffee

Miko has been marketing its Fairtrade coffee brand Puro since 2005. In addition to 100% Fairtrade certified coffee, Puro also provides protection to the rainforest by buying up endangered areas and managing them sustainably. “We are very proud of the journey we have already made with Puro,” said Frans Van Tilborg, CEO of Miko. “The Fairtrade Frontrunner Award is a great recognition of our efforts to act sustainably and fairly. More than 40% of the coffee we distribute within our group is Fairtrade certified. We can only encourage and further support this in the future!”

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