5 to go approaches 500 coffee shops milestone

The Romanian brand 5 to go, is approaching the milestone of 500 coffee shops, approximately 50% of which are located in Bucharest. This expansion is also one of the reasons for the company’s growing notoriety, reaching 72% at the national level and 93% at the level of Romania’s capital (compared to 63% nationally, respectively 90% in Bucharest registered a year ago), according to a study carried out by Reveal Marketing Research at the beginning of 2023.  

In 2023, approximately 50 5 to go coffee shops have been opened or are in the process of opening, which means that every two days a new space is becoming available for customers. The consolidated turnover for the 5 to go group reached 11.5 million EUR in the first quarter of 2023, and expansion plans continue. The study carried out by the brand highlighted several relevant pieces of information about the perception of consumers regarding the 5 to go brand. According to the same research, the top reasons why consumers choose 5 to go are the quality of the products (52%), the taste (40%), the proximity (38%), the fact that they like the brand (37%) and the price (32%). 

The main objectives set for this year are to increase turnover and market share, and we will achieve this by maintaining the accelerated pace of regional development, but also by diversifying the offer in coffee shops, which will create new consumption opportunities for our products and will offer consumers more reasons to enter a 5 to go coffee shop.

“We have always believed in the importance of building a strong relationship with consumers, and, for that, we are always attentive to their feedback. The loyalty of our customers and the level of notoriety we have achieved is due above all to the consumer-centric policy and the permanent updating of the business strategy, through which we aim to offer a pleasant experience, adapted to the evolution of the market, to any customer who enters in one of our coffee shops.

“The research carried out with the help of Reveal Marketing Research showed us once again that the vision and the values ​​we developed for the 5 to go brand are also perceived by those who choose us. Thus, consumers associate 5 to go with coffee/good coffee, followed by speed, flavor, and good price, which are also found in our brand philosophy”, said Radu Savopol, co-founder of 5 to go. 

5 to go continues launch new products, such as Italian Sparkling Espresso, aimed especially at the retail area and is pursuing development nationally and internationally. In the next period, this will also materialise through the opening of two new locations in Hungary, where the first café was opened in 2022, thus becoming the fourth international market, alongside Great Britain, France, and Belgium. 

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