Nguyen Coffee Supply releases limited edition anaerobic robusta coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply continues to innovate with a new Limited Edition Vietnamese Anaerobic Robusta coffee, which is available on Nguyen Coffee Supply’s website this week. This new release comes on the heels of the company’s recent award-winning (BevNET winner, Sprudgies winner and Nexty nominated) ready-to-drink robusta cold brew available in three flavours nationwide.

Farmed in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, this new 100% anaerobic robusta coffee is processed carefully with the anaerobic method: handpicked from trees grown in basaltic soil, fermented for eight days, and sun dried for an additional 25 days prior to roasting.  As a result, the coffee develops unique levels of sweetness and fruitiness, causing this blend to have tasting notes of candied orange peel, passion fruit, and clove. This anaerobic robusta coffee is Q certified robusta with a score of 85.25, indicating that it is a fine robusta coffee, as Nguyen Coffee Supply reimagines the robusta experience.

While there have been plenty of anaerobic arabica coffees in the premium coffee world, robusta has historically not received the same attention and care in the American market. Nguyen Coffee Supply, aims to flip the narrative, making this an exciting premium release for the coffee connoisseurs. After debuting this roast at the Barista Championship (category of the U.S. Coffee Championships), Nguyen Coffee Supply is advancing to the finals in Portland at the Specialty Coffee Expo with this rare coffee, surpassing their arabica counterparts and bringing Vietnamese coffee in the spotlight.

Since 2018, Nguyen Coffee Supply has been a fierce advocate and champion of the resilient robusta bean with the Los Angeles Times hailing “Nguyen has emerged as the leading voice for Vietnamese craft coffee in the U.S.” In addition to being a relatively unknown but delicious brew, robusta’s farming practices are more sustainable and utilize fewer pesticides. Its beans, higher in caffeine content, are lower in fats and sugars. Despite the coffee industry’s stigma against the robusta variety which excluded robusta farming communities from entering specialty coffee markets, Nguyen Coffee Supply set out to change the narrative, educate consumers and expand the coffee conversation to be inclusive of robusta. Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world (and the leading producer of robusta beans) and yet the nation has not played a significant role in specialty coffee culture — a sector estimated at $25 billion in the U.S.

Nguyen Coffee Supply ships to customers in all 50 states and internationally to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, U.K. and is available in restaurants and cafés in New York City, Washington D.C., Seattle, Kansas City, as well as at all Neighborhood Goods locations nationally. It is also sold in Whole Foods, FreshDirect, Gorillas, Weee! and more. Nguyen Coffee Supply can be enjoyed in a wide array of styles including the traditional cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk and ice) as well as the pour over, Chemex, French press, drip, espresso and cold brew. Learn more at Nguyen Coffee Supply.

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