NuZee partners with Malu on specialty single serve coffee

NuZee, Inc., the coffee co-packing company, announces a new partnership with Malu, a specialty coffee company that creates unique blends of single-serve coffee.

Malu was conceived during the pandemic quarantine by founder Jingyi Ma. “During the pandemic, my daily coffee ritual was the most essential part of the day. However, I soon found myself down a deep rabbit hole of filters, drippers, grinders, and beans. I asked myself: is there a way to simplify the pour-over process and only keep what we enjoy the most? That’s how Malu was born,” says Ma.

After months of sourcing and experiments, Malu now offers high-quality specialty coffee blends. NuZee maximizes these blends with innovative, eco-friendly, single-serve pour-over pouches.

Says Jingyi Ma, “With our amazing partner NuZee, Malu brings the traditional pour-over quality and experience anywhere, without the need for any additional equipment. Coffee is more than a caffeine boost – it is the enjoyment of the daily ritual, complex flavours, and the moment of serenity.”

Find out more about Malu coffee at To learn more about how to work with NuZee please visit

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