Nostalgia Coffee Roasters expands NuZee partnership

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters has expanded its partnership with NuZee Inc, a US-based producer and co-packer of single serve coffee formats, to bring 2.5oz portion packs to wholesale customers nationwide for the first time. Building upon their long history working together to make single serve brew bags, the two companies’ newest venture is available now online, offering a delicious, eco-friendly java option to cafes, restaurants, corporate offices, and more.

Female-owned and dedicated to advancing the industry through exceptional coffee, direct producer relationships and a focus on equity and sustainability, Nostalgia Coffee Roasters partnered with NuZee to grow its award-winning coffee offerings in corporate, office and hospitality settings around the country in order to stake their claim in the ever-growing office and hospitality coffee segment. The move kickstarted Nostalgia’s growth and evolution from mobile café to award-winning roaster to now one of the fastest growing corporate and hospitality coffee players in the country with multiple Fortune 500 clients. The eco-friendly packaging and lower-waste innovation make the portion packs an easy and delicious way for restaurants, banquets, offices, and cafes to brew large volumes of coffee in a sustainable way without having to weigh or grind.

“We are thrilled to experience this growth with our award-winning coffee product lines, which can largely be attributed to our long-time strategic partnership with NuZee. We believe NuZee’s ever-expanding and advanced production capabilities combined with our exceptional coffee, skilled producing partners, and brand will allow us to capture a larger share of the office coffee segment throughout the United States. NuZee’s ability to produce high-quality portion packs has given us another advantage as we begin to tackle more complex coffee solutions for our ever-expanding client base, which includes Fortune 500 companies,” said Taylor Fields, founder of Nostalgia Coffee Roasters. “We believe the continued capabilities that NuZee presents to us will allow Nostalgia to achieve our mission-driven goals faster and with more impact. Our goals of bringing equity, diversity and inclusion into the industry are coming to fruition as we see more clients and their teams drinking Nostalgia Coffee, much of which is powered by NuZee. We are excited to offer exceptional and award-winning coffee in this format to our clients in partnership with NuZee.”

Produced and manufactured by NuZee, the 2.5 ounce pre-ground portion of Classic Blend Medium Roast coffee, which scored 93 points from coffee reviews, is packaged ready to use in commercial drip coffee machines. The highly curated blend mixes notes of caramel, apple pie, and cream soda to encapsulate the 20th century American zeitgeist in one delicious cup of coffee. Each pack makes roughly five 12 ounce cups and the 2.5 ounce portion packs are available in a case of fifty on Nostalgia’s website. In additional to the portion packs, Nostalgia offers award-winning blends, including their Sudan Rume, which was recently named as a top twenty coffee in Coffee Review’s list of “Top 30 Coffees of 2022” and earned the Gold in the Elite Category by Golden Bean North America making it the number one Elite Coffee in North America.

“A cornerstone to NuZee’s mission has always been to make responsible consumption more convenient and accessible to the average consumer while limiting waste and brewing only what you need, all through eco-minded innovation and strategic partnerships,” said Travis Gorney, chief innovation officer at NuZee. “We believe that our expanded partnership with Nostalgia—a company whose pillars of equity and sustainability so deeply align with our own values— will continue to reduce overconsumption and offer accessible sustainability by fuelling offices nationwide, one delicious pre-measured pack at a time.”

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