Koa Coffee releases limited time offer speciality coffee

Koa Coffee‘s team has experimented with coffee from some of the most remote places around the world to create this limited time release specialty coffee, Kona-Panama Geisha, available beginning 1 December 2022. Geisha varietals have a unique flavour profile dominated by intense floral and bergamot citrus notes. Kona coffee is known for its delicate, sweet, and fruity flavour profile recognized by its syrupy, spicy, and nutty notes. To harmonize the two flavourful coffees, Koa Coffee determined that the perfect ratio of Kona to Panama Geisha coffee is 51:49.

Our 51% Kona, 49% Panama Geisha coffee collectively serves to bring forward a balanced and complex flavour experience with medium acidity. Notable flavour notes include jasmine, lemongrass, passionfruit, blood orange, black tea, panela, and bergamot.

Our Panama Geisha coffee comes from Abu Coffee plantations, which is cultivated in the region of
Canas Verdes, Boquete, in a humid and rainy microclimate typical of tropical forests. The coffee trees
are grown on the slopes of the Volcan Baru National Park, which are fertile, well-drained, volcanic origin,
and deep soils enriched with organic content. Given its strategic geographical location, sunlight is crucial
throughout the whole process.

The complex growing conditions and intricate processing methods for both Kona and Panama Geisha
coffee bring together a unique harmony of flavors that is exclusive to our limited release. Each bag of
Kona-Panama Geisha coffee contains 12 oz of whole bean coffee. Available online beginning 1 December 2022, exclusive to koacoffee.com. Be sure to purchase a bag for yourself or a loved one before they’re gone!

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