Innovations on display at Pack Expo International & Triestespresso Expo

With both Pack Expo International (23-26 October, Chicago, Illinois) and Triestespresso Expo (27-29 October, Trieste, Italy), returning in ‘full force’, show attendees will be able to see the latest packaging and processing equipment and espresso machine innovations first hand. Below is a sampling of companies that will be exhibiting at one or both shows.

Aripack, Inc

Image: Aripack

Since 2001, Aripack has provided custom-made flexible and rigid packaging materials for a variety of companies and industries across North America. Founder, Isak, was introduced to the packaging industry through his family business and since then he has always been passionate about the industry and the endless opportunities for advancement and innovation. Being in the business his entire life, he has always been committed to building a dedicated team to please his customers, using the right manufacturing partners who have innovation and advancement at their core.

Aripack’s long-standing partnerships with world-class manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia bring the best in manufacturing and service to our customers. Our ability to meet customer’s demands makes us unique in today’s market where manufacturing quality and environmental impact are essential concerns. Most recently, Aripack opened a United States manufacturing facility based in Brooklyn, New York to manufacture stand up and flat bottom pouches for the snack and coffee segments.

In addition to packaging, Aripack has introduced equipment solutions to the US market from a variety of dependable and experienced global suppliers. As the exclusive North American distributor of Miele (Vertical Form Fill & Seal), Lafer (Horizontal Form Fill & Seal), MAD Automation (Case Packers, Palletizers, Cartoners, LGVs), PBL (Single Serve Coffee Capsule Filling) and BMM Technology (Degassing Systems) we bring a complete line of systems that can help round out your manufacturing line. Our sales reps can help customize a unique solution to meet your specific needs.

When it comes to a provider, we know there are a lot options to choose from. As a packaging and equipment supplier, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by understanding their business needs and goals, sourcing from the best suppliers and providing customized solutions which add value and impact at shelf. Aripack continues to deliver high-quality innovative solutions while providing excellent quality service to all our customers and partners. We are a local supplier with a global reach, and we welcome you to discover why Aripack is ‘Packaging Above and Beyond’.

Aripack, Inc.

Brooklyn, New York USA


Pack Expo: #3856

Colombini Srl

Image: Colombini

‘ANGEL, Giant Inside’. As per our industrial grinders, ANGEL is a high-tech product, equipped with discs in tungsten carbide (hardness: 1300 Vickers) and very high precision adjustment with resolution of 2 microns and digital display of discs position; due to its solidity and high precision, it can produce batches of ground coffee in continuous cycle, with a capacity of 90-120 kg/h. The duration of the discs is in order of 40-80 tonnes, depending on fineness of ground coffee.

ANGEL can also grind Turkish coffee, with cardamom too; in this case, the capacity is around 50 Kg/h.

It is very useful for laboratories, to repeat very similar results of our industrial grinders.

All the ANGEL are equipped with a cooling system by ventilation.

Image: Colombini Srl

Seven different versions can be provided and the package vibrator will soon be available as an optional. The prices of the various versions are all similar. The main difference between the grinders is the power supply because the 220 Volt single-phase version is also equipped with a variable speed drive.

The LAB and ST versions are equipped with a manual device that ensures, by means of a simple hand gesture, that the product exhaust duct remains cleaned inside every time a ground coffee package is filled.

The RTV.special and RT.special are equipped with an automatic cleaning system that maintain the exhaust duct always cleaned.

Colombini Srl

Settimo Torinese (TO), Italy


Triestespresso: Hall 28, #7

IMA SpA – Coffee Packaging Division

The SR6 coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is a versatile and flexible latest generation, equipped for the filling and sealing of coffee capsules on six lanes.

The SR6 construction concept allows high flexibility in achieving custom-made solutions for almost any kind of product and packaging material, both for espresso and American style coffee. Able to handle inner components to be placed and sealed inside the capsule before dosing, such as plastic filters, paper filters, bottom lids, etc, in the drip coffee configuration, the SR6 is equipped with a filter paper feeding, cutting, punching, deep-draw pleating and sealing unit to place a pleated paper filter into the capsule.

According to the machine configuration, speed can reach up to 360 capsules per minute.

Image: IMA SpA


SR6 can handle both injected and thermoformed capsules of different dimensions either fed in bulk or stacked. The denester is a space-saving cost-effective solution to feed stackable capsules while the centrifugal unscrambler allows handling of all capsule types, stackable and non-stackable, granting high autonomy.

The ergonomic design assures great accessibility for maintenance, service and cleaning, reducing line downtimes. Accurate product dosing is made possible thanks to precise and extremely gentle product handling to suit a wide range of products to be filled – coffee with different densities, tea and soluble powders. Liquid flavor dosing is also possible.

Excellent product quality is assured by an on-line weighing system for each filled capsule and a rejection system for single faulty capsule identified by the check-weigher or vision system.

The SR6 will be on show on IMA booth at Pack Expo with espresso capsule configuration.

IMA SpA – Coffee Packaging Division

Ozzano Emilia, (Bologna) Italy

Web: or

Pack Expo: South Building, #2514

Triestespresso: Hall 27, #1

IMA SpA – Tea & Herbs Division

Ideally suited to long-leaf tea and herbs as well as any premium quality tea, the new CT11 tea bag packaging machine model ensures optimum production capacity for both see-through tetrahedral and pillow tea bags.

Based on a unique modular structure the CT11 encompasses the highest level of currently available technology in a complete line boasting an exceptionally reduced footprint even in its complete version including sealed outer envelope and cartoning stations. Responding to the latest no-plast market trends, the new machine can handle compostable and/or recyclable packaging materials, from filter material to paper cardboard.

The production cycle of the CT11 filter bag has been specifically designed with the precise aim of following the forming of each single bag, phase by phase, beginning with the use of individual packaging material reels such as tag, filter material and cotton thread, resulting in a very linear structure for easy accessibility. Starting from the forming of the filter bag material tube complete with tag and cotton thread and passing through a first transversal sealing & cutting station, a subsequent filling one and to end with, through a second sealing & cutting operation, each filter bag takes shape step by step and is ready to be processed in the next packaging station.

Image: IMA SpA

The modular structure of the CT11 allows the integration of a compact outer envelope sealing unit available for either tetrahedral or pillow bags and guaranteeing maximum protection against oxidisation. The enevelope sealing profile is continuous and performed on a single station.

The cartoning attachment fitted on the CT11 machine allows the packaging of cartons from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 25 bags. The cartoning attachment automatically forms the cartons, fills them with a pre-determined quantity of bags and finally closes them. Its versatility allows the packaging of enveloped bags stacked either vertically or horizontally according to the marketing needs.

The CT11 will be on show at the IMA booth at Pack Expo.

IMA SpA – Tea & Herbs Division

Ozzano Emilia, (Bologna) Italy

Web: or

Pack Expo: South Building, #2514

Modern Process Equipment (MPE)

Image: MPE

MPE, a global leader in precision coffee grinding and conveying equipment solutions, announces a new line of advanced power-saving innovations called Green Knight Energy Reduction Technology (ERT) for MPE’s industrial grinders and Chain-Vey® tubular drag conveyors. MPE’s R&D teams developed new software and sensor integrations to reduce the energy consumption of both product lines:

· The Chain-Vey line of Green Knight ERT engages automatically and preserves the same rate of product flow. No reduction of conveyance throughput is experienced by operators. In addition to the electricity savings, the ERT reduces system wear on conveyor components.

· The grinder line of Green Knight ERT reduces electricity consumption while the grinder is running. ERT engages automatically without any slowing down of operation or grinder throughput. In addition to the electricity savings, the ERT reduces wear on grinder components.

Visit for more information on MPE’s wide array of grinding, conveying, and process solutions.

Modern Process Equipment

Chicago, Illinois


Pack Expo: #8014



Billions of one-way degassing valves are used by coffee roasters worldwide. PLITEK® offers the best leading-edge one-way degassing technology: PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valves and applicator systems.

One-way degassing valves allow for a release of the excess gas from inside the package while preventing oxygen from entering the package and damaging the packaged product. PLITEK’s PLI-VALV products are used in a wide range of product packaging applications including coffeepet food, vitamins, fruits and vegetables, products with yeast, and other products requiring gas evacuation from sealed packaging.

Image: Plitek

For over 30 years, PLITEK has been manufacturing over 600,000,000 patented one-way degassing valves annually. PLITEK also designs, manufactures, installs and services valve applicator systems offering streamlined one-way degassing solutions.

PLI-VALV applicator systems are custom designed units manufactured and installed on existing, or new, vertical or horizontal form fill seal equipment. The seamless integration between the machinery allows for efficient throughput during the coffee packaging process. The applicators are constructed to apply anywhere from 50 to 300+ one-way degassing valves per minute onto coffee packaging film.

PLI-VALV applicator systems can be designed for semi-automatic, automatic, intermittent, or continuous motion application speed rates to meet productivity goals.

The applicator functions by puncturing coffee packaging and applying a one-way degassing valve on the outside of the packaging film. This simplifies the process and allows for a fast rate of application. The valves are available in pre-oiled and mechanically oiled options. Additional options include various sizes suitable for different packaging sizes, as well as clear or metalised options allowing for seamless integration with packaging graphics. PLI-VALV one-way degassing valves are the ideal solution for flexible, fractional, or rigid coffee packaging.

Patented PLI-VALV technology combined with valve applicator systems and USA manufacturing means PLITEK is a valuable one-stop shop. The result: less risk and an enormous time saver.

Contact PLITEK® to discover the ways PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valves and applicator systems could aid your coffee degassing and packaging process.


Des Plaines, Illinois

Tel: +1.847.827.6680


Email: [email protected]

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