Coffee Planet announces sustainable partnership with Bean & Beyond

Coffee Planet announces a partnership with Bean & Beyond, an enterprise that aims to recycle coffee waste to produce innovative consumer products, including the cultivation of gourmet mushrooms.

Largely one of the most consumed beverages worldwide, and highly popular in the MENA region, coffee is a daily staple for many and as a result, a large quantity of coffee waste is generated. For every 100 grams of coffee beans, 91 grams of solid coffee waste and wastewater is formed, containing caffeine and several transition metals which poses a risk to environmental health. It is through this project that the excess produced by Coffee Planet, is redirected to better use.

As the largest roastery in the UAE, Coffee Planet is taking action to help create a more sustainable business model by partnering with Bean & Beyond. Each week, coffee remains are collected from the roastery and used to harvest the growth of Oyster mushrooms in the region.

Mushrooms play a crucial role in the cycling of nutrients and their ability to do this makes them perfect for recycling a wide range of organic waste streams. Oyster mushrooms in particular are extremely versatile and considered a superfood due to the various nutrients and acts as a plant-based alternative for its high protein and essential amino acid contents.

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