Steeped Coffee raises $5m in less than 48 hours on crowdfunding platform

Steeped Coffee, a Certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation,  reached the maximum $5M fundraising goal via its Republic crowdfunding campaign in less than 48 hours. Over 4,500 inventors contributed via the online investment platform, which gives both accredited and non-accredited investors an opportunity to participate. The initial campaign is “Sold Out,” but prospective contributors can still join a waitlist for a chance to invest. Due to the overwhelming demand, accredited investors can also take part in a new limited Steeped Coffee Reg D offering on Republic, which is now open through August 8. 

Steeped Coffee is only the 11th Republic offering to have reached $5M on a Reg CF crowdfunding campaign. Funding will be used to share Steeped Coffee’s fully compostable single-serve brewing method with even more coffee lovers. The company’s award-winning sustainable packaging and innovative brewing method, made similar to tea, requires no machines and delivers a delicious fresh cup of coffee in minutes.

Since 2017, all previous fundraising for Steeped Coffee has come through trusted referrals from the Steeped investor community — a growing purpose-driven network of over 100 individual investors and venture groups. “Steeped is just getting started, and we’re honoured to see so many independent investors believe in our mission,” said Josh Wilbur, Founder and CEO. “With these new brand advocates behind the Steeped vision, we are so excited to continue to drive positive change in the coffee industry.”

Steeped Coffee is disrupting the limited nature of the current coffee market. Steeped Coffee has partnered with over 400 of the top coffee roasters in the country since its launch. Steeped Coffee’s brewing method and packaging solutions were awarded ‘Best New Product’ honours at the 2021 NEXTY Awards, the 2021 KeHE Summer On Trends® Show, and the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo, which are some of the largest and most notable industry events in North America.

“We strive to find new solutions to old problems, to be a light on a hill, to honour and value every relationship, and to set new standards of doing Business Without Compromise,” says Wilbur. “At Steeped Coffee, we pay attention to every detail to bring people the most convenient, high-quality, ethically sourced, and sustainably packaged products available. Our entire company ethos is focused on how we can be good stewards of the planet and to love people.”

More information about Steeped Coffee’s Republic investment campaign can be found here:


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