Wild Society launches instant coffee range

The new Wild Society instant coffee is designed with cold nights or early mornings in camp, in mind. The Microground Instant Coffee’s proprietary 3-grind process turns its premium roasted coffee blends into an ultrafine ground that instantly dissolves in hot water. It’s the freshest, simplest method for your next on-the-go cup of coffee, says the company. Pour a packet of Wild Society Microground Instant Coffee into your mug, add 5 oz. of hot water, and stir, to achieve a practical, great tasting cup of coffee you can make anywhere. 

There are three flavours to choose from: 

Instant Microground Colombian Blend: Colombian beans are used to create this chocolate-caramel-nut flavour profile. With a soft and nutty richness, this balanced coffee is an attractive blend that finishes with a calm acidity.

Instant Microground Honey Coffee: Kilimanjaro premium coffee beans present a smooth texture with hints of blackcurrent. Real honey adds a sweetness that overlaps with the richness of the coffee to define a delicious taste.

Instant Microground Caramel Mocha: Belgian chocolate and caramel melted together with hazelnut. Dissolve it in hot milk and it will become a creamy café mocha.

Wild Society instant coffee is currently only available online at wildsocietycoffee.com. The Honey coffee comes in a pack of six for $19.95, Carmel Mocha a pack of three for $15.95 and Columbian a pack of 12 for $24.95. The collection is available for a limited time price of $49.95. 

20% of all profits from both the Wild Society coffee and apparel go directly to actionable conservation projects in North America. For more information on Wild Society Coffee, its products, and its conservation strategy visit www.wildsocietycoffee.com.

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