Solo Coffee launches Solo Espresso Shot

London-based Solo Coffee has launched a new Solo Espresso Shot, delivering a coffee shop quality pick-me-up in a convenient bottled format. The shot is made from Solo’s award winning coffee concentrate, and each shot contains 127mg of caffeine, with no sugar or artificial additives. According to the company, it’s simply good quality coffee and water.

The UK is one of Europe’s biggest markets when it comes to coffee consumption, with an estimated 95 million cups of coffee consumed in the UK everyday. In a space traditionally dominated by specialist coffee retailers, almost 44% of Brits buy their coffee from non-specialists like supermarkets, fast food restaurants or convenience stores.* Founded with the aim of making great coffee accessible to everyone, this market represents a huge opportunity for the Solo Espresso Shot.

Solo Coffee was founded by friends Theo and Alex, with the aim of making coffee more accessible to everyone. Baristas for years, they became frustrated with the over complication of coffee. For them, it was just about having a great base coffee that everyone could get on board with and enjoy.

The journey began with a direct to consumer cold brew coffee, which won  the “Coffee” category of the Great British Food Awards on 29 October 2020. The cold brew began to gain traction online, then bars started to use the cold brew in cocktails. In response, Solo created the coffee concentrate that works perfectly in Espresso Martinis. Finally, the espresso shot was then born.

The Solo Espresso Shot comes in a 60ml shot bottle of espresso strength cold brew coffee, and is a single serve of speciality grade espresso. The concentrate was developed by Solo to taste best when drunk neat, finely filtered to make a smooth mouthfeel, but maintaining that bold and strong espresso flavour (and caffeine hit).

Co-founder and head of Marketing, Theo Garcia, comments, “We have always wanted to make a product for retail and when the idea of the espresso shot presented itself, it felt so obvious to us that we just had to do it. For us, coffee is about functionality. Yes, we are obsessed with the coffee itself, our true love lies in what the coffee allows us to do. This is why we want to make great coffee more accessible. By making a shot of espresso readily available in shot format, we have categorically made great coffee much more accessible.”

Providing healthy on-the-go energy at any time of the day, Solo Espresso Shot will take its place beside energy drinks and chilled coffees in fridges. The company says it is a functional product for those that need an energy kick. Retailing at RRP £1.65 for a single shot, Solo Coffee’s aim is to have the shot stocked in supermarkets, gyms, petrol stations, and convenience stores across the UK.

The Solo Espresso Shot is available in the following formats:

  • Single shot £1.65 RRP
  • One box of 10 x 60ml Espresso Shot Bottles, £16.50

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* CBI UK market potential for coffee:

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