Dabin Coffee debuts coffee “caviar”

The everlasting lockdowns are pushing entrepreneurs outside their comfort zones, which has spurred creativity and innovation. To this end, artisan roaster, Emmanuel Dabin, who has been in the coffee business for 35 years, is further expanding his premium coffee offering.

“I was trained by masters of the world of coffee, such as Ernesto Illy, Roger Roblain and Senor Eusebio Jorba. Back in 1996, working as coffee master for a major upmarket European retailer, I wanted to launch an exceptional range of Arabica, but my boss believed no sensible customer would pay such [high] prices,” said Dabin, founder and owner of Brussels, Belgium-based Dabin Coffee.

Twenty-five years later and running his own coffee business, Dabin has created a “coffee nectar,” — Bourbon Pointu coffee, a limited-edition coffee developed with the micro-lots of a few kilos on auction, with preference for beans from very small plantations located in the Indian Ocean region.

This exclusive coffee is for the moment sold only locally at the price of Eur €50 for 50g. For more information on Bourbon Pointu coffee or Dabin Coffee, visit: www.emmanueldabin.be.

Created seven years ago, Dabin Coffee was founded by Belgian artisan torrefactor, Emmanuel Dabin, whose great grandfather planted the first Arabicas in the Congo. He is a passionate coffee lover, who travels the world looking for artisanal coffees, taste and ethics are his motto. Dabin also favours beans that are organically grown and ethically produced from the beginning of the harvest as it liberates the best aromas. Dabin coffees are on sale in Belgian organic shops and delivered around Brussels by bike or online at: www.emmanueldabin.be.

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