NKG supports Honduran coffee community affected by hurricanes

Two tropical storms hit Honduras and its neighbouring countries in November 2020 in very short succession. They caused flooding and landslides, destroyed homes and crucial infrastructure and forced thousands of people out of their homes into shelters nearby. Beneficio de Café Montecristo (BECAMO), NKG’s local exporting company in Honduras, immediately activated different rescue and support plans to help affected employees, their families and the neighbouring communities by providing shelter, medical care, food, basic sanitary and personal supplies.

As the compassion and willingness of the international coffee community to help was immense, BECAMO and Neumann Gruppe, the holding company of NKG, decided to start a solidarity project to provide effective and extensive support. “We felt that we needed to do something to alleviate personal and family situations within our direct areas of influence and help quickly”, says David M Neumann, Group CEO. Many importing companies of NKG joined this effort and pinned a temporary premium on each bag of coffee purchased from BECAMO. In addition, employees of NKG’s companies as well as customers made further donations to support the victims.

“Thanks to the generous contribution of our partners, customers and employees, we can spend more than 272.000 USD to repair damages and replace lost household goods to a total of 76 families and 357 individuals”, comments Emilio Medina, CEO of BECAMO. “We are proud to have business partners that are there when it counts”. Many destroyed houses in the affected communities could already be rebuilt and most of the families already received household goods to compensate their lost or damaged personal belongings.

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