New UK brand brings taste of Nordic coffee to the UK

Norlo is an ambitious and innovative new brand bringing the unique coffee culture of the Nordic countries to the UK coffee scene.

Norlo believes roasted coffee should always be served in its purest form. Inspired by Nordic coffee culture, where a lighter roast captures much more of the beans naturally mouth-watering flavours and intense aromas, every cup of Norlo’s full-bodied organic blend is velvety smooth and bursting with vibrant character. A fantastic taste is a given, but the blend’s lighter roast also preserves more of the bean’s raw goodness like antioxidants, nutrients and natural minerals, according to the company.

Both keen world travellers and coffee fans, Norlo was launched by former commercial pilot Dan Norman and his wife and entrepreneur Steph in 2020. Determined to discover the world’s best coffees, the couple’s European travels took them to Oslo where they enjoyed the delights of Oslo’s iconic coffee culture. Hooked on the city’s lightly roasted, smooth and naturally flavoursome coffee, the duo set out to bring their own uniquely crafted Nordic-inspired blends to the UK.

The team have searched far and wide, taking the very best that Nordic-style coffee has to offer and putting their discipline and expertise of coffee into practise. Ethically sourcing the very best 100% organic premium coffee beans from around the world, Norlo’s blends are lightly roasted ‘Nordic style’ in the UK.

Norlo is proudly part of a small group (less than 1%) of coffee served worldwide which is both specialty grade and organic. Quality, taste and sustainability are at the foundation of Norlo but the way the beans are roasted preserves much more than the natural goodness of the coffee beans, making an overall healthier, better and more delicious, cup of coffee.

Unique to the UK market, Norlo’s very light roast profile preserves more of the beans raw nutrients, naturally occuring minerals and antioxidants. A cup of Norlo coffee is even said to contain a higher level of antioxidants than green tea. This style of roasting also preserves far more of the beans natural flavour notes, resulting in a far smoother and more aromatic coffee blend. With Oslo coffee lovers enjoying up to 5-6 cups a day, Norlo are also proud to introduce a UK market first – its Lightly Caffeinated coffee delivering all the taste without the strong caffeine buzz.

Norlo believes it is not just another artisan roaster, being a Nordic inspired brand further differentiates Norlo as synonymous with cleanliness, quality and style. Ethically sourced from some of the world’s leading organic coffee farms, Norlo’s blend is made only from high-quality beans, grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil before being hand-picked, sun dried and roasted to light perfection. Every batch is presented in Scandi inspired, award-winning and fully recyclable packaging.

Norlo’s pods are crafted in the UK and housed in 100% compostable, nitrogen flushed flow bags that produce a complete oxygen barrier for maximum freshness and flavour preservation. Packaging is 100% compostable and plastic free resulting in zero landfill.

Co-founder, Dan Norman says: “Through our travels we found that nowhere could rival the Nordic nations and their ability to serve the smoothest, most flavoursome coffee. We are not only passionate about producing the very best quality, best tasting coffee out there, but also about the health benefits you can enjoy from drinking coffee in its purest form.”

Norlo is available in coffee beans, ground beans and pods in Lightly Caffeinated, Caffeinated and Decaffeinated roasts from RRP £9 (200g). The coffee is also available for one, three and six month subscriptions from RRP £17. Norlo is available to purchase from the company’s website:

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