ESTA launches Tea Certification Programme

The European Speciality Tea Association is launching its Tea Certification Programme with a one-day Introduction to Tea course beginning this month.

David Veal, executive director of the European Speciality Tea Association (ESTA), said that ‘Introduction to Tea’, the first module, is aimed at professionals with a current or intended career in tea, but the Introduction to Tea module, because it isn’t too advance, could be taken by enthusiasts. The course will cover identifying tea and botanicals and understanding the difference; Camellia sinensis and its six categories; basics of brewing and tasting; as well as other aspects of tea such as food pairing.

The Introduction to Tea course will be at a set time delivered by Authorised Tea Certifiers (ATC) from Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany. Because of Covid-19 restrictions the course will initially be delivered online so students from anywhere in the world will be able to enroll, and once possible, in the classroom. The one-day course includes six hours tuition, practical and theory, prep, breaks, and exams.

The programme is based on ATCs who are existing trainers or schools using ESTA’s curriculum and then certifying on its behalf. Each module will give an ESTA certificate to those who pass the exam, and they will earn points that will go towards ESTA’s diploma.

To register for the Introduction to Tea course, for information about the Tea Certification Programme or if you are interested in becoming an ESTA Authorised Tree Certifier, visit:

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